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Zoser is a singer/songwriter and music bender.  With an alluring voice, thoughtful lyrics, and a guitar, music grounds this Georgia native as he make his way through the Puget Sound. After graduating from West Seattle High School in 2018,  Zoser was a gold medalist in the Seattle King County NAACP ACTSO competition and went on to represent the branch at the National convention. He has been inducted into the Washington Young Laureates program and is currently an intern at Totem Star.    Zoser's music travels effortlessly between pop, folk, and hip hop, but always strikes the listener's soul.

Tapping into the current musical zeitgeist, the music of singer-songwriter, Zo, is shaped by musical mix masters such as Ed Sheeran, Lenny Kravitz and John Mayer; combining elements of seemingly disparate musical forms and influences, to develop a sound that is wholly and truly his own.

The young Augusta, GA native turned Seattle artist began playing guitar when he was just 10-years-old and by the time he reached 12, Zo was penning his own lyrics. Although Zo has been writing and performing for years, 2019 will see the first commercial release of his music.

In Zo’s hands, a simple six-string acoustic becomes both a beat box, lending percussive bass to his hip-hop rhymes, and a direct ticket to Laurel Canyon, recalling the free and easy feelings of the California folk rock revolution.

And while Zo willfully and wantonly pulls from any musical movement he finds appealing - from rock, pop and soul to folk or hip-hop - there is a component too often found in a typical young songwriter’s toolbox that is notably missing.



You see, Zo never sounds like his influences. He infuses each performance – be it his own tune or a carefully curated cover – with the sense of self and assurance that separates mere performers from true artists. His greatest gift is his ability to serve the song while willing it to become an extension of his own aesthetic.

The result is something spectacular to behold: a voice that conveys a world-weary ache and a bright optimism, a sense of musicality that is at once, both rhythmic and infectiously melodic. He is a singer, a storyteller and something of a revelation – not necessarily a soul singer but something more rare and precious – a singer with soul.

Zo's Notes

FEB. 21, 2019

Songwriting = Personal Therapy

For me music is therapy and keeps me sane.  Whenever times got harsh, I’ve always just written it out.  Not everything seemed better but at least I got that frustration out on a piece of paper.  The next thing I know after writing a song people can relate to the song.  With my music I just want to connect with others and bring it to a safe place where people can be themselves and not worry about what others think.


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